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Security is the norm of life.


Security Officers

Our personnel have to meet stringent professional requirements and undergo comprehensive training prior to their assignments. Additional on-the-job training programs are designed and implemented. Our customized security solutions include providing officers in uniform or plain clothes, 24-hours a day and 7-day a week.

We utilize the most effective screening and hiring policies. This is executed through regular training and testing. All personnel are subjected to thorough background checks, drug testing, and must also meet current state requirements for training and licensing. We provide ongoing training programs for all levels of staff.

Training for officers is determined by the location of the assignment and is completed by the employee prior to assignment at the location(s). Training courses include classroom instruction on general orders and site specific post orders, operational and emergency procedures, use of security equipment, defensive tactics and interpersonal skills.

Supervisors make scheduled and unscheduled visits to ensure that our staff provides the highest level of service available in the industry.

Consulting Services

Our security consulting program helps draw out the benefits of your existing security efforts or help you set up a security system that is reliable. Our security set ups are established with a strict set of guidelines that can be measured, analyzed and improved.

One of our professional security consultants will visit your site/home to obtain an overview of the security measures that you currently have in place, as well as any specific concerns for your site(s). Our security consultant will then develop a management plan that identifies ongoing protocols to be implemented by your security team, as well as details on the handling of contingencies. We will provide training for your security team and appropriate security personnel to execute the customized security plan. We will provide support and technical assistance for implementation of the plan including new security systems and personnel as needed.

Executive Protection

Our Executive Protection Division specializes in personal and corporate executive protection and consulting services. We recognize that everyday situations in relatively safe locations are not necessarily totally risk free, whether the threat is planned or opportunistic. Incidents affecting personal safety both directly and indirectly can and do occur every day.

Our Executive Protection agents can be deployed as individuals and/or teams and have many fronts including:

• Travel management

• Logistical planning

• Crisis management

• Emergency coordination

Our agents are all experienced former serving members of law enforcement, military, government and specially trained individuals. This background gives our agents an unmatched depth of knowledge in dealing with executive protection worldwide.

We understand the requirement to be sensitive to our client's needs and concerns, while simultaneously planning for every possibility. Those qualities lead to minimizing the client's exposure to risk. We handle all of our clients with strict confidentiality and professionalism.

Event Security

We understand that each client is unique, requiring customized security needs. We provide experts in each type of security service; our staff is available for full time, part-time, or emergency need coverage, ready to "Safeguard Security". To make sure that every event you produce is executed smoothly, we will provide you with professionally trained and experienced security officers to handle all of your crowd management and customer service needs. From pre-event planning and management to post-event crowd dispersal, the Stonegate Event Security on hand will ensure maintenance of an orderly gathering for the enjoyment of all participants.

Our staff can manage security events inclusive of, but not limited to:

• Business Conferences

• Concert Tours

• Conventions

• Governmental and Local Events

• Nationally Televised Sporting Events

• National Trade Shows

• Political Gatherings

• Red Carpet Events

All of our security officers are trained and dedicated to ensure safety at all times through developed risk assessment methods including identifying threats, removing unlawful participants from the premises, responding to emergency situations and evacuation techniques.

Secure Construction Sites

Your construction site is unfortunately exposed to theft or vandalism without adequate construction site security services. Our highly trained officers can be armed security guards, unarmed security guards, standing guards, off duty police protection and uniformed or plainclothes officers. It’s a fact that the easy access to the building materials makes it a target for thieves thinking the risk of getting caught is minimal. Vandalism and theft are two security risks to be concerned about on construction sites. Our comprehensive, customized security services address the safeguarding of industrial sites and equipment, your property; stop theft before it starts. Construction site security is crucial to deter crime at construction sites.

Types of Construction Site Security

• Construction Security

• Patrol Services for Security Sites

• Surveillance

• Access Control

• All Construction

• Emergency Response

• Armed Security Guards

• Unarmed Security Guards