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Security is the norm of life.


Hiring Policies

Stonegate is an equal opportunity employer, we actively seek out qualified men and women from diverse backgrounds, of race, culture, ethnicity and capabilities. We often seek to employ persons with experience in law enforcement/correctional system backgrounds. Similarly, persons who have served in the armed forces are a population that we seek to employ.

Our men and women who have served in the armed forces face the challenge of finding employment after they leave active duty. Stonegate is committed to supporting veterans. Our company emphasizes safety and service excellence and we appreciate veterans’ knowledge and skills in following procedures, solid decision making in often difficult circumstances and strong work ethic. Our company puts forth a concerted effort to hire veterans in security jobs. We believe that hiring veterans for security jobs is good for our company, our communities and our country.

Patrol Services

If employed properly, patrol services can be a strong deterrent to crime and provide a number of valuable services, such as alarm response, after-hours control of locks and gates, and periodic inspection of key locations of concern. Studies have shown that use of foot and bicycle patrols can be a strong deterrent to crime.

All of our security services, whether provided via foot patrol, bicycle or vehicle patrol involve the monitoring of specified coverage areas for surveillance, loss prevention, property damage, crowd control and avoidance of personal injury. Stonegate's team of professionally trained security guards deliver reliable coverage of your home, business, or special event, using the detect, deter, observe and report methodology.

In the event of an emergency or crisis event that may occur while providing patrol services, Stonegate security guards are trained in appropriate crisis response strategies, including crisis deescalation and CPR application.